"I'm not usually comfortable with hands-on therapies but Dr. Geis has a caring and gentle demeanor that allowed me to relax during the session.  During the treatment I felt a sensation of my muscles letting go and breathing, which was amazing and brought me back for additional sessions.  Since then I have a looseness in my neck that I haven't felt in years and relief from my intermittent back pain.  He also helped me get through a horrible migraine and the next time I get one he will be the first person I call."

-Anon. (North Stamford)


"After a slight injury from a martial arts class I was taking at college, Dr. Geis was able to adapt to my busy schedule and fit me in for a visit and brought me right back to 100%. Really great staff working here, you feel welcomed from the second you walk in the door and the doctors are doing fantastic work. Thank you guys!"

-T.B. (19, Stamford)

"After 20+ years of chronic sciatica with treatments that included neurosurgery, yoga, exercise, and other forms of largely conventional Western approaches, I finally tried to give alternative approaches a go.

After a few treatments from Dr. Kim, my sciatica responded favorably.  The frequency of acute sciatica episodes greatly diminished, though were not totally eliminated.  Dr. Kim suggested that I be evaluated by Dr. Geis to see if there was some structural reason for the remaining sciatica.

Dr. Geis identified a weak ankle as a possible source of the issue.  After two prolotherapy treatments and some gentle manipulation, the sciatica pain was eliminated.

It has been several months since visiting Dr. Geis and I remain pain-free. After over 20 years of sciatica, I am so grateful!  It is truly a blessing!"



"I see Dr. Kim for several conditions and am happy with the progress we have made together so far.  Due to the supplements/diet changes she's recommended I don't crash right after breakfast anymore, have more energy overall and have noticed an improvement in mood as well.  After acupuncture treatments I sleep more soundly, get relief from my back pain and feel more "bright" during the day.  You can tell that Dr. Kim is good at what she does and wants to share her passion for natural healing with everyone."

-C.B. (Stamford)


"I'm actually afraid of needles so the idea of acupuncture was initially overwhelming.  However I was told, repeatedly, that it could really benefit me so I scheduled a treatment with Dr. Kim.  She was very understanding of my nervousness (I'm fairly certain I was shaking a bit) and made every effort to ensure that I was comfortable throughout the whole process.  Each time has been easier and now I look forward to each session because I love how I feel afterward.  Her kind and calming aura is wonderful and I feel that just talking to her is treatment in itself."

-Anon. (Stamford)

"I have been using holistic, natural methods to heal my body for nearly a decade.  I am the owner of a small business in the television industry where my physical activities, hours and locations vary widely on a daily basis - including air travel - wreaking havoc on my entire body, mentally, spiritually and physically.  Dr Cimoch makes me feel like I'm the most important patient and performs whatever treatments necessary to ease my pain and make me feel like a "normal" human to continue with my daily activities. 
I have gone to her with debilitating and immobilizing pain and she has, in my opinion, performed miracles."



"I haven't known Dr. Cimoch for very long, but from the time I met her she has shown me nothing but positivity, warmth, care and compassion- seeming like we have known each other for years.  I know from experience that Dr. Cimoch's knowledge of Naturopathic Medicine is vast, but it is how she tailors this knowledge to her patients for individualized care.  She has clarified so much for me- showing me how to understand my health, holistically, and working with me to find balance between mind, body and ultimately soul.  I admire Dr. Cimoch as a person, friend, doctor and teacher.  She has inspired me incomparably, thank you Dr. Cimoch."


"I had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and other autoimmune diseases about six years ago by a homeopathic doctor.  I had two young kids and really didn't have the time to properly take care of myself or do what I was supposed to.  It just seemed so overwhelming.  About two months ago I decided to go online and look up a doctor that could possibly help me, because I suddenly I felt much worse.  Some days I couldn't even get off the couch.  While searching, I came across Dr. Cimoch's website and emailed her.  She answered right away and said she could help me. I decided to give her a try.  I went to Dr. Cimoch hoping she would have some advice and insight to my illnesses.  What I got was so much more.  She gave me what that countless doctors could not.  She gave me HOPE.  I have only had 2 visits with her and I feel better than I have in 20 years!!!  I know with her help I will be 100 percent again.  I am truly grateful I found her."


"Challenged by Lyme disease at the ripe old age of 12 I began to notice that I would have a long trek ahead of me.  Seeking answers that could help me combat my obstacles, my days would be filled with doctor appointments.  I was desperate to find an answer.  Having a cabinet filled with medications, an arm with a PICC line directly to my heart, and a weekly visit from a nurse I came to realize I was looking in the wrong direction.  The doctors all thought they could figure this out but had no success.  But all along the one person whom I could turn to that I knew had the answer was God.  He lead me to His gem from heaven, Dr. Cimoch.  I'm now 37 years old and went from struggling to do basic daily tasks to being able to go through my day without the worry I'm going to need help to accomplish a minor task such as making myself lunch.  Dr. Cimoch and her entire team have been God-sent for me."