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Yoga Nidra

A guided meditation to relax our physical bodies and conscious minds

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Service Description

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation practice. Yoga nidra means “yogic sleep” and is a state of altered consciousness. In this yoga nidra practice, we will be moving through the “koshas” or layers of our being: physical body, breath/energy body, mental/emotional body, wisdom body, and bliss body. We will relax the body, bring awareness to our breath, and plant our intention or heart’s truth. In this state of altered consciousness, some consider that the mind remains “awake” and listening, while the body will completely relax and even sleep. (Snoring is not uncommon.) Benefits of this practice can include improvements in sleep, stress, mood, concentration, and energy levels. This will take approximately 40 minutes. You will need a comfortable place to rest for the duration. It is recommended you lie down on your back or side, if that is comfortable for you. Alternatively, you may sit in a chair, with feet planted on the floor, but keep in mind that you may fall asleep. Precautions and Contraindications: Please be sure you are in a safe and comfortable position for the duration. Do NOT practice during activities that require alertness, such as driving or caring for a child. Do NOT practice in a bath, Jacuzzi, etc. where drowning could be a concern. Certain medical conditions may not be suitable for this practice; please discuss with your doctor if you are under the care of a medical condition. In particular, if you have a significant mental health condition (ex: severe depression, bipolar disorder, or PTSD), seizures, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, or are pregnant, please consult with your health care provider prior to participating. Credits: Yoga Nidra Teacher Training by Alison DeNicola at Dew Yoga in Stamford.

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