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Possible Reactions to Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is a powerful alternative therapy and, as such, can cause different reactions in patients.  The information below is not all-inclusive and you may experience none of these reactions, multiple, or ones that are not listed here.  After an acupuncture treatment you may experience... 


A feeling of strong relaxation- not only physically but mentally peaceful and emotionally happy.


A sensation that the body is floating and weightless (energy calming from being uptight or overly stimulated) or the opposite- heavy as if the body is sinking (energy being uplifted from tiredness and under function).


Remaining sensations of the treatment such as soreness or numbness at the site of acupuncture points (usually lasts a few hours, rarely a day).


A small bruise or mark at the treatment site (fading rate depends on the circulation of the individual, lasting from 1 day to 2 weeks).


A temporary increase of emotional sensitivity which, in Chinese medicine, is a great sign that you are giving your system an opportunity to release your deeper emotions naturally.


An extended state of relaxation resulting in feeling tired or cloudy. This is a sign that your body is shutting down from external stimuli and is beginning to repair itself. If this occurs listen to your body and rest when possible, try not to schedule anything strenuous or overly important after treatment (like a big meeting at work), and get to bed early.


A temporary increase in urination or change in bowel movements after the session. These are usually positive signs that better energy flow is reaching the kidney and spleen meridians so stay hydrated and know that you will normalize soon.


A change or recurrance of pain in those with chronic pain issues. For those with acute pain or injuries the treatment will often provide quick and lasting results, however those with chronic pain may find that relief will only last a few hours or more. This is to be expected as the pain (or blockage of qi) has existed for quite some time and will take more than one session to balance. Do not be alarmed if the pain returns, slightly worsens, or shifts to a new location- each session will continue to eliminate blockage until relief is more lasting. Do keep us notified of how long your relief lasted and any changes so we can monitor your progress.


A runny nose, sore throat or other cold symptoms.  These may appear some time after an acupuncture treatment. In this case Chinese medicine states that an unresolved cold or flu may have been the underlying cause of a blockage and now the immune system is fighting the remains. These symptoms usually last for a week and certain herbs can be provided to promote faster healing.


A reoccurance of other symptoms that bothered you in the past which, similar to the cold symptoms, means that the body is now expelling that underlying ailment. Please notify us of any such changes as we may want to modify your treatment plan.


If you ever have a result that concerns you after a treatment please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.  Click here to return to our Acupuncture page.



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