Our Doctors and Practitioners

One of the many benefits of holistic medicine is creating and maintaining a positive relationship with your physician or practitioner.  A visit at our health center is not an in-and-out experience and all of our staff are committed to listening to your needs and concerns.  Achieving optimal health naturally is a journey and we want to ensure that you feel prepared and supported along the way.  Before beginning any new relationship it is important to learn more about your partner.  Below you will find information about the physicians and practitioners at Integrative Family Medicine so that you can feel comfortable and confident moving forward.

Dr. Michael Geis, D.O.

Dr. Geis is a traditional Osteopathic Physician specializing in Neuromuscular Medicine (NMM) and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM).  He graduated as a member of the Psi Sigma Alpha National Osteopathic Honor Society with honors from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2011.  During his time in medical school Dr. Geis was awarded an academic teaching fellowship with an extra one year focus of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and was the recipient of the Stanley Schiowitz Award for Excellence in Osteopathic Medicine.  Dr. Geis completed his residency training and was the Chief Resident at one of the top programs in the country for NMM/OMM at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx, NY.


Dr. Geis' residency training is what sets him apart from many other practitioners.  Dr. Geis trained in osteopathic medicine and treated thousands of patients with OMM including: evlauation and treatment for newborns, pediatric traumas, recurrent illness and respiratory conditions, moms before and after delivery, pre and post surgical patients and in-patients care at a level one trauma center.  He also trained in out-patient settings evaluating and treating sports related injuries, chronic pain suffers with degenerative disc disease, herniated discs and chronic arthritic conditions.  His training at St. Barnabas included one of the only in-patient residencies in the country which gave him extensive experience treating common medical illness such as asthma/COPD, lymphadema, headaches, and also treating critically ill patients on life support in the ICU.


Dr. Geis also has a special empathy for patients in pain.  Having suffered from childhood illness and multiple injuries he experienced personal chronic pain and the frustration commonly caused by our "modern" system of medicine.  After exhausting diagnostic evaluations and a revolving cycle of medications that did not provide any answers or relief Dr. Geis sought "alternative" approaches to healing that helped give him his life back.  Because of this journey he knows and understands the daily struggles, commitments and sacrifices it takes to put one's life back together.  Inspired by the benefits and successes achieved through integrative medicine Dr. Geis has made restoring the body's health his life's profession.



Becca Johnstone
Holistic Medicine
Energy Practitioner

Becca Johnstone spent over a decade studying subtle energies as applied to health.  Prior to her work as a holistic medicine energetic practitioner, Becca has worked as writer and a teacher.  As a lifetime academic, her interests center around learning about, and respecting, energies and forces beyond us as a way to guide us within the world and toward a higher-self.


Becca firmly believes that there is a balance between the universe and existence, and that in honoring that balance, to our own individuation, we can have more clarity, peace, and health.


She began this path more reluctantly than most, but with honest reflection and consideration- learning to truly tap into the innate power within and around each of us.  As a result, Becca is committed to being an ongoing student; studying both the physical and energetic, while utilizing a holistic integrative approach to health.  In the process Becca hopes to teach those whom she has the privilege of helping how to benefit from such energies to serve a larger balance within themselves too.


To learn more, visit Becca at Pranaananda.

Dr. Minna Kim, N.D.

Dr. Kim is a licensed Naturopathic Physician who earned her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and Master’s in Acupuncture from the University of Bridgeport.  She also holds a Bachelor of Science in biology from Brown University.


Dr. Kim’s primary focus is to help patients identify obstacles that are preventing optimal health and to support the body’s own innate healing abilities.  She firmly believes in the "doctor as teacher" mantra and enjoys building collaborative relationships with her patients in order to address health issues as a team.  Patients who are empowered and active in their own wellness will achieve greater long-lasting results. 


She has experienced great success in treating a variety of conditions through natural solutions like dietary and lifestyle changes and botanical herbs and supplements, in addition to traditional Chinese medicine treatments such as moxa therapy, cupping, tuina massage and acupuncture. 


Dr. Kim provides a safe, quiet, and compassionate healing environment where she can listen to patients’ needs, provide support and start them on their way to a healthier lifestyle.  Health and vitality are the natural state of the human body and mind and her goal is to harness their innate self-healing capabilities to restore balance and harmony.

SMaher Headshot.PNG
Dr. Shannon Maher, M.D.

Dr. Maher always had an interest in nutrition, lifestyle choices, and the mind body connection, prompting her to pursue Fellowship Training in Integrative Medicine through the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine in Tucson, AZ. She strongly believes we should take every opportunity to maximize our health through prevention, diet, exercise, sleep and stress reduction. While Dr. Maher has great respect for our medical advances, she also believes that as health care providers, we can be doing more in our approach to patient health and wellness. She has increasingly turned to a holistic, integrative practice for both herself and her family, and welcomes the opportunity to work with patients
to develop integrative treatment plans.

Dr. Maher believes in creating partnerships with patients, empowering them to make healthier choices in a supportive and compassionate manner. Dr. Maher is especially passionate about how these factors pertain to the optimization of our mental health. She is enthusiastic about exploring complementary medical practices. She had the unique opportunity to study Traditional Chinese Medicine in China during medical school, and is now completing her medical acupuncture certification.


Prior to joining IFMCT, Dr. Maher spent over ten years as a practicing physician in emergency and urgent care settings. Dr. Maher earned her medical degree from SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY in 2008 and completed residency training in Emergency Medicine at Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, NY in 2011. She worked as a research assistant in the Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology Department at Yale University, and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Binghamton University.